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Investor Relations

We welcome prospective shareholders

NetheoAdventure is a leading online leisure travel company in the Cherokee Nations that offers a large selection of packaged tours, including organised and self-guided tours, as well as travel-related services for leisure travellers through its website NetheoAdventure and mobile platform. 


NetheoAdventure provides one-stop leisure travel solutions and a compelling customer experience through its online platform and offline service network, including a dedicated team of professional customer service representatives, 24/7 call centres, extensive networks of offline retail stores and self-operated local tour operators.  

Our growth strategy combines strong organic growth, through winning and retaining satisfied customers, with strategic acquisitions that enhance the mix of technology, scale and local market expertise we can offer to our customers. We will soon incorporate Virtual Reality and Role Play Game Experiences into our customer offerings in light of the ever evolving technological landscapes to stay as America's leading First Nations travel group.

If you are interested in becoming an investor at NetheoAdventure please out the form in our Contact Us page with subject "Investor Relations".

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